Since its inception in 1999, SHARP is moving towards achieving its goals and objectives. Some of its notable achievements are as follows:

SHARP-Pakistan’s struggle for Protection of Rights of Refugees in Pakistan:

SHARP-Pakistan leads (Chair) RRN in Pakistan since 2014. RRN-Pakistan envisions a protective environment for refugees in Pakistan. The RRN-Pakistan is an initiative of national organizations and human rights activists, serving as a network for well coordinated and effective advocacy about refugee rights. For more details visit RRN Pakistan page.

Achievement in Countering Human Trafficking in Pakistan:

In its struggle for countering human trafficking in Pakistan, SHARP-Pakistan hosted, framed and recommended the adoption of Human Trafficking Ordinance 2002 and Human Trafficking Rules 2004.

SHARP-Pakistan actively participated in Launch of Public Awareness Campaign and Global Action against Trafficking in Person (GloAct) and Smuggling of Migrants in Pakistan with collaboration of UNODC, UNICEF, EU, IOM, USAID and FIA Government of Pakistan.


In order to train a body of Lawyers knowing laws related to the rights of children and women contained its national as well as international legislation, SHARP in collaboration with UNICEF arranged a workshop in November 2000 for Lawyers to train them on human rights and named them as Human Rights Attorneys. SHARP has successfully completed the year-long programme of training workshops throughout the country titled: ATTORNEY OF HUMAN RIGHTS with the collaboration of Action Aid Pakistan in all the provincial capitals of the country which is the first ever proper network in Pakistan. The programme aimed at training 30 Lawyers from each province on “Human Rights” with a view to enable them to conduct human rights abuse cases from all over the country, thereby improving the overall human rights situation of the country. It is in fact great privilege for SHARP to have trained 120 Lawyers from Pakistan for the said purpose.


A shockwave hit Pakistan on 8th October 2005. More than 100,000 injured and 80,000 dead and about 4 million homeless. SHARP understanding its role in the society and its responsibility towards its people, established four relief camps in its field offices, Peshawar, Mianwali, Lahore and Islamabad. Soon after the initial needs assessment, SHARP relief camps started collecting contributions comprising of food and non-food items. All such goods were collected from the field camps and were duly transported to Abbottabad medical base camp wherein those were distributed to the affected people in Mansehra, Balakot and Abbottabad in collaboration with Pakistan army. The SHARP Base Camp comprised of doctors and volunteers under the supervision of Dr. Nauman Mujahid. Responding to the global appeal by SHARP for assistance for the victims of earthquake, Direct Relief International, a USA based NGO joined hands with SHARP and supplied medical relief items to SHARP, Islamabad office which were delivered to the earth quake victims.


SHARP HELPLINE is providing legal assistance for the victims of human rights violations. The public is given easy access to the counseling and legal assistance via this facilities. Various human rights violations were identified under different heads in the year 2005, which includes murder, suicide, judicial killings, domestic violence, kidnapping, sexual abuse and harassment child cases.


From its inception SHARP has been working for prisoners’ rights and continues to do so. SHARP keeps a close eye on the prisoners in Pakistan and is actively working in close collaboration with different organizations and individuals for making positive changes in the running of the jail system. SHARP to fulfill this objective also held seminars on the state of Juvenile Prisoners in Pakistan and with such seminars hopes to develop the public awareness on these issues.


The norms at international and national level require special attention for the welfare of refugee children. Pakistan is hosting one of the ever-largest numbers of refugees for the last more than three decade. SHARP, identified, a slum area of I-11 in Islamabad that was accommodating approximately 40 to 50 thousands Afghan refugees, but without an educational institution for their children. Most of the inhabitants of the Kachi Abadi belonged to Pashtun ethnicity having a traditional living style. Their children are far away from any kind of education either formal or informal and they are exposed to many social evils. SHARP, realizing the miseries of Afghan refugees, had established a Child Care Center for refugee children in 2002 with the aim to equip them with informal education and basic know how of principles to live a decent and healthy life so that when they return back to their country of origin they can join the mainstream.

Other Awards and Achievements:

 SHARP capacitated over ten thousand Police officials, Judiciary, Lawyers, Public Prosecutors and FIA officials over the years.
 SHARP took active part in helping and supporting the victims of the Earthquake in 2005 and flood victims in 2010.
 SHARP helped with the Registration of IDPs since 1999 in Islamabad and Punjab along with the distribution of NFIs (Non-Food Items).
 Chairman SHARP received Defender of the Human Rights Award in 2010 from the President of Pakistan.


SHARP, Society for Human Rights and Prisoners' Aid, is a Non-Profitable, Non-Political and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered with the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies.

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