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Here is a list of our events and activities:


Annual Coordination Meeting
Dated: 30-31 Mar-2017
Venue: Dreamland Motel, Club Road, Islamabad.
Annual Coordination meeting is held in start of every year to celebrate achievements, identify challenges of previous year and chalk out a mitigation plan for next year.
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Annual Dinner
Dated: 30-Mar-2017
Venue: Multipurpose Hall, Islamabad Club, Islamabad.
Annual Dinner is a social networking activity arranged every year by SHARP. Honorable guests from UNHCR, Embassies, Parliamentarians, Senators and other delegates participated in the event, along with SHARP's staff.
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Coordination Meetings
Dated: Jan-Dec 2017
Venue: ICT, AJK, Sindh and KPK
Coordination meetings are held on regular basis with multiple stakeholders including community elders, police officials and others to discuss and sort out issues faced by Afghan Refugees.
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Shura meetings with Community
Dated: Jan-Dec 2017
Venue: ICT, AJK, Sindh and KPK
This year as well, ALAC team are conducting Shura meetings with community on regular and need basis.
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Meeting with Full Bright Scholars

Dated: 27-Dec-2016
Venue: Islamabad
Two full bright scholars along with team members from Peace and Justice Network, Islamabad visited SHARP-Pakistan's Islamabad office and met SHARP's staff. The meeting had interesting discussions around Rule of Law in Pakistan. <<< View Pictures >>>

Celebration of 16 Days of Activism

Dated: 25-Nov to 10-Dec, 2016
Venue: Across Pakistan
The 16 Days of Activism begins on 25th November on International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and ends on December 10th International Human Rights Day. It is a global campaign to raise awareness about violence against women and its impact on a woman’s physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being.

Awareness Walk: SHARP-Pakistan organized an awareness walk from Super Market to Press Club Islamabad on 8th December, 2016 in which representatives from Civil Society Organizations, INGOs, UN ,EU and foreigner delegations in Pakistan, Afghan Refugee male and female students participated in that walk. The participants of the awareness walk were holding play cards and banners on which awareness messages were written regarding elimination of gender based violence and promoting women and girls rights. <<< View Pictures >>>

MIME and Debate Competition: A MIME and Debate competion was organized on 6th December at I-12 Afghan Community school in Islamabad. The Mime was performed by Afghan Students of “Shaheed Wali Khan school” and “Khurasan high school”. Judges of this activity appreciated performance of both groups. A debate/poem competition was also organized for the Afghan community students Children in their refugee languages. Ms. Mushayyadah Gul (UNHCR) judged them and announced 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions and distributed prizes among them. <<< View Pictures >>>

Awareness Raising Session: SHARP-Pakistan organized an “Awareness raising Session on Education and Health Hygiene” for the Afghan under the 16 days activism theme in Lahore on 6th December, 2016. The theme for year 2016 was “Healthy Relationship at Home, in Schools and in Community”. Dr. Mateh Ullah from Punjab Institute of Cardiology delivered a lecture on Hygiene. He expressed that If you want to minimize your risk of infection and also enhance your overall health, the these basic personal hygiene habits needs to be followed including bathe regularly, wash your body and your hair often, trim your nails, brush and floss, wash your hands and sleep tight. <<< View Pictures >>>

Art Competition: An Art Competition was organized on 30th November, 2016 in the vicinity of Gujranwala, Punjab for Afghan national students who are living as refugee in Pakistan. The art competition was conducted between male and female students from classes 1st standard to 4th standard. Children were of the view that study atmosphere should be made compatible to their environment so that they can get education easily. As end of the event, the organizers thanked the children to be a part of the competition and appreciated their work and prizes were distributed along with certificates among all the participants to appreciate the good and innovative work of the children.

Counselling Session on Health/ Hygiene & GBV: SHARP-Pakistan organized one-day counseling session for Afghan Women on the topic of Health/Hygiene and Gender Based Violence in Karachi on 1st December, 2016 in which 35-40 Afghan Women of different age groups participated. For the convenience of Afghan females pick and drop was provided to them from their residence to the venue of the session. Dr. Madeeha, Psychologist from Dow Hospital was invited to deliver session on Health/Hygiene and gender based violence. Both Dr. Madeeha and Dr. Huma Jamal from SHARP-Pakistan with assistance of interpreters delivered their session to give awareness to Afghan females on the importance of Hygiene in our daily life and how can they protect them self and their children from chronic diseases. The session was very interactive, the participants were given opportunity to clear their understanding completely on the agenda topic including questions and answers session.

1-Day Football Tournament: SHARP-Pakistan organized a football match among refugee at Gharib Nawaz Ground in Karachi on December 10th. Four teams including one Afghan, one Somali and other two of Pakistani locals participated in it. The Final match was played between Pakistani and Afghan Refugee, which was won by Afghan Refugee team. At end of the ceremony, shields were distributed to winner and runner up teams along with cash prize to winning team. <<< View Pictures >>>

Debate, Drawing & Face Painting Competition: SHARP-Pakistan/ALAC-III team organized debate competition among Students under 16 days of activism at Government Hamid Saif Shaheed High School, Tola Mangali, District, Mianwali. Theme of debate competition was “Healthy relationship at home, Schools and Community”. Chief Guest of the day was the Mr. Gulab Khan, Head Master of Hamid Saif Shaheed High School Tola Mangali. Total eight teachers and 40-50 both local and Afghan students of class 9th and 10th participated in the event. This platform provided recreational opportunities to enhance meaningful participation of refugee students in positive society building. Judges of the event appreciated the efforts of students and prizes were distributed among students who performed well and exhibited their talent.
Face painting & Drawing Competition was organized among Students on 8th December at AI-Suffa Public High School, dilewali, in Mianwali. Ms. Ayesha Principal of AI-Suffa Public High School was Chief Guest of the event. 9 teachers and 25 to 30 local and Afghan boys and girls students participated in the event in which 20 both local and Afghan students took part in the competition to exhibited their skills and abilities. Prizes were distributed among the first 3 position holders to encourage them for their struggle. <<< View Pictures >>>

Football Match: Sports participation creates a sense of belonging, which helps counter negative stereotypes, building trust and bridging social, economic and cultural divides. SHARP-Pakistan arranged a Football match at Hayatabad Sports Complex between Afghan and local students to make the day memorable and eventful. Match was played in high spirits, discipline and professionalism. Another event was organized in collaboration of Directorate of Social Welfare & Acted International to celebrate Sports participation creates a sense of belonging, which helps counter negative stereotypes, building trust and bridging social, economic and cultural divides. SHARP-Pakistan arranged a Football match at Hayatabad Sports Complex between Afghan and local students to make the day memorable and eventful. Match was played in high spirits, discipline and professionalism. <<< View Pictures >>>

Different Competitions: A Similar activity was conducted at DLG Boys Schools at Ghulam Banda Kohat. Afghan students actively participated in the competitions and looked enthusiastic. School teachers and guests appreciated the activity that not only raised awareness regarding the event but also left positive impact on the minds of students due to healthy competitions.

Peace Walk: SHARP-Pakistan with university students, faculty members and administration set up a peace walk inside the university and large number of students and other faculty members participated in walk for peace and freedom. All participants promised to eliminate violence in any shape from the society, by promoting such like activities which enhance peace, love, prosperity and freedom in society. Through this walk not only the message of peace was spread but also a great liaison was built among the SHARP team and university students, faculty and administration.

Friendly Cricket Match: A friendly cricket match was organized by SHARP-Pakistan with District Bar Abbotabad and was held at Abbotabad Cricket stadium. Charts and play cards were placed to highlight messages on importance of 16 days of activism.

Celebration of International Day of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs)

Dated: 03-Dec-2016

Different Competitions: Another event was organized in collaboration of Directorate of Social Welfare & Acted International to celebrate International day of persons with disabilities at Special Education Complex, Hayatabad, Peshawar. Event included naat, skit/drama, songs and dance competition. Frightened, confused, angry are just some of the things you might feel watching a loved one become consumed by addiction. Showing love to these people and to communicate with them can make positive changes in their condition. SHARP-Pakistan organized an event with drug addict patients of DOST welfare foundation (Rehab center) at Sukoon Kor#2 Warsak Road Peshawar to raise awareness of the positive impact of rehabilitation of these marginalized people in these centers. <<< View Pictures >>>

Dr. Matt J. Duffy's visit to Islamabad office
Dated: 11-May-2016
Venue: LAP office, Islamabad
On 11th May, 2016 Dr. Matt J. Duffy visited SHARP-Pakistan’s Islamabad office where he met the Chairman Mr. Liaquat Banori, Project Director Mr. Mudassar Sanghaira and other team members of ALAC and Programme departments.
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Shura meetings with Community
Dated: Jan-Dec 2016
Venue: Field
SHARP concentrates on building capacities, ensuring promotion of human rights and access to justice by developing linkages and narrowing the gap between the deprived sections of the society and government institutions like law enforcement agencies, police, judiciary, government machinery and the national and international humanitarian community that are responsible for providing justice and ensuring rights of the poor and needy segments of the society.

In 2016, a total of 4,211 Afghan individuals have been assisted through Shura meetings by Sharp-Pakistan with gender break of 3,384 male and 827 female participated in the shura meetings held in geographical location of ICT, AJK, Punjab and Sindh in which they raised their problems/issues and received information on their concerns and policy of government of Pakistan regarding their legal stay in Pakistan.
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Capacity building interventions of SHARP-Pakistan for Police Officials/ Judiciary
Dated: Jan-Dec 2016
Venue: Field
SHARP held coordination meetings and organized sensitization sessions with the relevant stakeholders and the government line departments to ensure the effective and humane treatment of refugee while taking into account the age, gender and diversity (AGD) context.

In 2016, a total of 08 trainings were conducted. Seven capacity building workshops were conducted for police officials in Sheikhupura, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Jhelum, Juharabad, Mianwali and Karachi while one Prosecutor training was conducted in Karachi. Total 324 police officials (307 Male, 17 Female) and 34 Lawyers/Judiciary (28 Male, 06 Female) were trained by SHARP-Pakistan in these trainings in the above-mentioned cities of Pakistan.
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SHARP, Society for Human Rights and Prisoners' Aid, is a Non-Profitable, Non-Political and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered with the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies.

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