Mission and Vision

SHARP-Pakistan is striving for a human rights friendly Pakistan since 1999 by working for the well-being of vulnerable segments of the society through various means like Advocacy, Community services, Capacity building, Emergency response etc.


"Striving for a Human Rights friendly Pakistan"

Pakistan is a developing nation, and thus one of the shortcomings its faces unfortunately is a lack of sufficient human rights ordinance and awareness among the general population. SHARP-Pakistan realized this depravity in our country and, owing to its compassionate spirit, has strived for a human rights-friendly Pakistan since its inception. We believe that without the respect of human rights and their protection, no country in the world can claim to be a developed and civilized one, and this is the core philosophy behind all the interventions taken up so far by SHARP-Pakistan.


We believe that preservation and implementation of human rights is mandatory for the development of any society. Even in this era, the developing world is particularly falling short of fulfilling its commitments to honour the human rights of its citizens and promote respect for them. The sanctity of human life is a birth right, and thus its preservation is a responsibility that should be shared by all. By playing our part to protect the rights of deprived, marginalized and distressed segments of our society, we will pave the way for a progressive and just society, where human beings can thrive to realize their fullest potential and contribute towards a larger good of humanity.


SHARP, Society for Human Rights and Prisoners' Aid, is a Non-Profitable, Non-Political and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered with the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies.

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Head Office: Flat # 3,
First Floor, Irfan Plaza,
F-10 Markaz,
Islamabad, Pakistan.

Phone: +92 51 2211621

Email: info@sharp-pakistan.org