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Monthly Al-Qanoon Magazine has honor of being the first ever Urdu language legal magazine.

Pakistan is a developing country with a very poor governance system always leading to corruption, injustice, and violations of Human Rights causing increased vulnerabilities of common people and exploitation of human right defenders. The main reason is that currently there is no properly established mechanism, which could provide alternative narrative for existence of rule of law, improved justice system, strengthen democratic norms and end corruption thereby resulting in lawlessness, hopelessness, extremism and terrorism. Very recently an international survey report placed Pakistan at top level in list of the countries with poorest rule of law and gender equality. With all these deficiencies there is no mechanism available to monitor, address and raise voice for the rights of public at large at national level.

In fact there is no national publication, which could highlight the issues, monitor Human Rights violations at gross roots level, provide support to the national and international organizations and government and bridge the gap between service providers and duty bearers. Most of the organizations publish their material, which is circulated to the selected groups.

SHARP-Pakistan has been publishing monthly Al-Qanoon the first ever-legal magazine in Pakistan, which was rendering services for legal education, identification and protection of Human Rights violations and providing solutions for social and legal issues and strengthening the institutional capacities of relevant stakeholders and beneficiaries across Pakistan. During 2000 to 2009 this Al-Qanoon was one of the best publications in Pakistan with a big network of all the bar associations in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir district judiciary police officials and government bodies, ministries, embassies prisons and probation departments, judicial and police academies and Law schools/colleges and universities and public at large which helped thousands of professionals in strengthening their capacities for raising awareness, initiate advocacy campaigns and promotion of legal education and Human Rights. Al-Qanoon team consisting of legal experts and human rights activists worked tirelessly to identify human rights and protection related issues and provide durable solutions. This publication was to accentuate rights-based issues in connection to normative and social dynamics, and independently monitoring the violations. Thereafter there is no unified attempt covering legal fraternity and other stakeholders across Pakistan on same page.

We have again initiated the Monthly Magazine on a regular basis from January 2017. After the revival, the first volume was published in January 2017 and is successfully printing new volumes on monthly basis, under the supervision of Chief Editor Mr. Syed Liaqat Banori, Advocate High Court.

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