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Society for Human Rights and Prisoners' Aid (SHARP-Pakistan)

Striving for a Human Rights friendly Pakistan

HIV and AIDS project

SHARP is actively engaged in promoting awareness and advocating about human rights to secure the well being, freedom and dignity of the people. In the same connection, SHARP has been actively involved to raise awareness regarding HIV/AIDS, sensitize the different segments of the society about the Virus and to eventually eradicate the evil disease from the region with an educational approach, thereby, promoting Behavior Change Communication and best practices in terms of attitudes.

In the area of HIV AIDS prevention education SHARP has been involved/conducted the following forums and activities:

  • Member of AIDS task force
  • Member of general body of AIDS control networks
  • Member of HIV AIDS working committees
  • Member of team who worked with Fogarty International (USA) on project for informal health care providers
  • Member of NWFP AIDS consortium
  • Has participated in World AIDS Day activities from year 1998-2002
  • Has conducted awareness and education workshops with youth
  • Has carried out an HIV test campaign in Kurram agency

SHARP had initiated and implemented this project with the help of MS District Hospital Mianwali, financial assistance of UNHCR. The duration of the project was 3 months, during the project sharp had essential and supplies with the connection of universal precautionary measure of safe blood transfusion and conduct training for blood bank staff, nurses and elders in Kot Chandna camp. This practice will be extended to Afghan National BHU in side in the camp near to the hospital.

To reduce the risk of the transmission of HIV and other blood borne infections through blood transfusion by providing the effective system and capacity building of health.

To promote the precautionary measures in order to reduce the risk of HIV and other blood borne infections

To ensure the screening of blood and blood products for HIV infection prior to every transfusion

To build up the capacity of the health staff by the promotion of rational use of blood and blood products

Essential supplies (needles, syringes, sharps containers, antiseptics, detergents,)

Essential functional equipment ( blood mixer, tube shakers, weighing machine, sterilizer

Availability of kits for HIV, HCV

 Availability of site for waste disposal and system for removal of waste

Trained staff in blood safety measure

Slandered check list