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Juvenile Justice

The intensity and severity of juvenile delinquency is generally determined through the prevailing socio-economic and cultural conditions in any country. The juvenile delinquency is directly related to the economic decline in any society. Young people who are at risk of becoming delinquents often live in difficult circumstances.

Background: The transition from childhood to adulthood is coupled with sheer challenges which the juveniles may have to face in the form of difficult living conditions, poverty, lack of education, broken families, weak state institutions, persistent unemployment, low income etc. The UN guidelines for the prevention of juvenile delinquency assert that youthful behavior or conduct that do not conform to the overall social norms or values is often part of the maturation and growth process and tends to disappear spontaneously in most individuals with the transition in adulthood. Available data shows that delinquency and crime have strong gender associations. The rate of male juveniles is double than that of female juvenile offenders and the conviction rate among male juvenile offenders is six to seven times higher than in female juvenile offenders.

About the project:

SHARP is implementing one year project in collaboration of Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany for the welfare and development of juvenile prisoners in central prison Peshawar and Central prison Haripur which is in furtherance of a pilot project implemented by SHARP-Pakistan in Central Prison Peshawar in year 2012-13.

The project comprised of different components such as need-based renovation of facilities for Juveniles, educational and health and hygiene kits to Juveniles, Provision of legal aid to juveniles in central prison Peshawar and Haripur, establishment of skill training labs in both jails, holding advocacy and lobbying on/for prison reforms, mass media awareness campaign on/for the rights of juvenile inmates and capacity building of stakeholders on child protection and juvenile justice system, were carefully designed by keeping the needs of the juveniles in mind.

Project Goal:

To promote measures for the welfare of Juveniles in Prisons of KPK particularly Central Prison Peshawar and Central Prison Haripur.


1. To promote enabling environment for Juveniles in Central Prison Peshawar and Haripur.

2. To build capacity of the stakeholders on Human rights, Child rights/protection and Juvenile Justice System.

3. To carryout advocacy and sensitization for the rights of Juveniles and Prison reforms.