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Two Day Capacity Building Workshop Organized Under the Protection Project in Islamabad

A two-day capacity building workshop was organized under the protection project in Islamabad. New project’s team of 30+ male and female lawyers attended the workshop sessions facilitated by PD Ms. Memoona Batool, Legal Manager Mr. Manzoor Ali, M&C Coordinator Mr. Aatif Afzal, FM Mr. Irfan Shujrah, AHRO Mr. Jahanzeb Aftab and, last but not the least, PC Ms. Manam Hanfi.
CEO Mr. Mudassar Javed also delivered an inspirational sermon, in which he emphasized upon the pivotal role that lawyers play in upholding justice and promoting the rule of law, especially while working for a humanitarian cause. “As you embark on your journey with SHARP, remember that your commitment to excellence will not only shape the trajectory of your career but will also contribute significantly to our collective mission of fostering a just and equitable society,” Mr. Mudassar added.