Welcome to SHARP-Pakistan.


Society for Human Rights and Prisoners' Aid (SHARP-Pakistan)

Striving for a Human Rights friendly Pakistan


With 11 functional offices across ICT, Punjab, Sindh and KPK, SHARP-Pakistan has an employee base of more than 150 this year.

The employees at SHARP-Pakistan hold different positions, as follows:

  1. Senior Staff:
    • Mr. Kamran Babar, CEO
    • Mr. Muhammad Mudassar Javed, Director
    • Ms. Memoona Batool Khan, Project Director (KPK)
    • Ms. Huma Aziz, Admin-HR Manager
  2. Field Manager/ Team Leader(s)
    • Ms. Ansa Nizam, Team Leader/ Regisration Assistant (Islamabad)
    • Mr. Taufiq Ahmed, Team Leader/Lawyer (Islamabad)
    • Mr. Hamid Latif, Field Manager/ Lawyer (Lahore)
    • Ms. Anila Feroz, Field Manager/ Lawyer (Mianwali)
    • Mr. Sikander Mehmood, Field Manager/ Lawyer (Karachi)
    • Mr. Asad Afridi, Team Leader/ Lawyer (Peshawar)
    • Mr. Sheheryar Ali Khan, Field Manager/ Lawyer (Haripur)
    • Mr. Muhammad Rafiq, Field Manager/ Lawyer (Mardan)
    • Mr. Ghias Gillani, Field Manager/ Lawyer (Kohat)
    • Ms. Farhat Bibi, Field Manager / Lawyer (Temergarah) Dir Lower
  3. Other Staff:
    • Mr. Irfan Shujrah, Finance Manager
    • Ms. Sobia Kiran, Program Officer
    • Mr. Nisar Shabbir, IT Manager
    • Mr. Jahanzeb Aftab, Admin-HR Officer
    • Reporting Officer(s)
    • Lawyer(s)
    • Admin/Finance Assistant(s)
    • Finance Assistant
    • Registration Assistant(s)
    • Interpreter(s) (Dari, Pashto, Somali)
    • Counselor(s)
    • Medical Counselor
    • GBV & CP Specialist
  4. Support Staff
    • Receptionist/Clerk(s)
    • Shuttle Clerk(s)
    • Driver(s)
    • Messenger/Peon(s)
    • Office Boy(s)
    • Cleaner
    • Security Guard(s)