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success story

Support in issuance of duplicate PoR card to a kidney patient

A 60 years old Juma Khan, a resident of Sawary city in District Buner is registered Afghan Refugee with NADRA. His health condition is very weak with chronically ill and suffering from kidney disease. He lost his POR card somewhere few months ago. On his demand, SHARP-Pakistan’s lawyers provided him assistance in furnishing an affidavit and lodging a police report in the Pal centre at Gagra Police Station Buner.

As per UNHCR and NADRA rules, after lodging the report the Person of Concern (PoC) has to physically present to submit an application for the loss of POR card at PCM centre Peshawar but due to his ill health and weaken physical condition he was unable to travel such a long distance. As a result of this policy, both he and his son have to wait until the improvement in his health.

Due the intervention and efforts of SHARP-Pakistan team with UNHCR, NADRA and RVA officials, the officials of NADRA’s PCM centre were kind enough to consider this request and entertain the POC application on prior bases. The application has been submitted and the POC and his son are now anxiously waiting for the arrival of duplicate POR card.