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case study

Zakia an inspiration for all

Zakia Faizi, an Afghan refugee born in Kabul, Afghanistan moved to Pakistan along with other family members in 1992, is an ambitious lady determined to contribute positively in return of protection provided to her in Pakistan.

Passing many years full of love and protection in Pakistan, she dreamt of a new start to continue her studies and enhance her skills & knowledge. She desired to excel in life and pay back something good to the country who provided protection to her and her family at time of need.

Sharing her feelings at time of arrival in Pakistan, she stated, “Everything was totally new for us, new world, new place, new surrounding and people. Even we were unable to understand the language, but we moved forward”. Thinking of past really doesn’t make much sense if there’s much to look forward to”. With the passage of time, we realized that “we are not here just to sleep and eat, but we have many things to do, we have to make our life”. During our stay in Pakistan, we faced many issues and hurdles but we never looked back. SHARP-Pakistan provided her assistance and advice to continue her studies and be an agent of change. She and her siblings completed their education and played their positive role in the society. As a civic citizen and good human being, she contributed a lot. Since 2013, she served as an interpreter in three different prestigious organizations including SHARP-Pakistan and always performed her best. She learnt much from her supervisors and higher management and enhanced her skills and knowledge for which she is thankful. She always put her best providing assistance and advice to poor fellows afghan refugees. Her thrust for knowledge has changed her world from darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. She is now a role model for the afghan community in Pakistan. As a change maker she devised a plan to remove the label of seeker to giver.