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Society for Human Rights and Prisoners' Aid (SHARP-Pakistan)

Striving for a Human Rights friendly Pakistan

About SHARP-Pakistan

SHARP is striving for a human rights friendly Pakistan by working for the well-being of vulnerable segments of the society through various interventions including advocacy, community services, capacity building, emergency response etc.


Society for Human Rights and Prisoners Aid (SHARP), is a non-profit, non-political and...
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SHARP History

SHARP started off with a partnership with UNHCR for the screening and registrati...
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Geographic Coverage

SHARP, currently, has offices in the following districts of Pakistan...
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SHARP-Pakistan has effective and strategic partnerships with many organizatio...
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SHARP envisions a human rights friendly Pakistan indiscriminative of cast, creed, color, sex, ethnicity and/or nationality.

Access to Justice

SHARP focus on ensuring equal opportunities for the deprived segments of the society through improved access to justice.


SHARP aspires to pursue its humanitarian vision by forging strategic partnerships with like-minded humanitarian community.

Thematic Areas

Protection, Child Protection, Emergency Response, Advocacy, Education, Infrastructure development, health.

Aims and Objectives

To work for the eradication of injustices from the society by promoting measures for the provision of speedy justice to common man.


Apart from its collaboration with UNHCR, SHARP has also worked with the European Commission, DFID, World Bank, Solidarity Centre, Islamic dev. Bank and Action Aid


Legal Advice & Assistance


Counseling through Helpline


Legal Camps & Sessions


Shura Meetings

Activities Updates

Rental Issue of Shops at RV Dargai

Rental Issue of Shops at RV Dargai

The cited issue is regarding of shops in the area of Zangal Patai Refugee Camp of Dargai, the claimant of the land …

The District administrator (DA) Mardan, informed the SHARP team Mardan on 16-01-2018 that a landowner Aziz (Pakistani national) came Gandaff camp along …

Resolving The Land Dispute through Dispute Resolution Council

SHARP ALAC team Mardan intervenes in the case of land dispute in Dispute Resolution Council (DRC) Takhtbhai where two Pakistani nationals filed …

success story

On 2nd October 2017, Mr. Muhammad Nasir, an Afghan Refugee and a PoR card holder, currently residing in Razia Abad near PSO …


Trainings & Workshops

SHARP-PAKISTAN regularly organizes sensitization and awareness raising trainings workshops for Judiciary, Law enforcement agencies (Police and FIA officials), Public Prosecutors, Lawyers, CSOs, Media and law students on diverse topics; through this initiative SHARP-Pakistan has capacitated over “15 Thousand” officials on human rights and refugee rights, human trafficking and smuggling in context of national and international laws, conventions and commitments. The purpose of these trainings is to provide officials with different knowledge and skills and make the conscientious for ensuring rights to individuals and build peaceful society in which they live happy and dignified life.

Police Officials

Lawyers and Publics Prosecutors

Legal Camps

Legal camps had remained the major and effective tools to address the problems of the Refugees. During the period, SHARP conducted 40 legal camps at RV and urban areas of different district of KP, total of 2275 refugees were provided on-spot counseling in the legal camps including 1161 male and 1114 female refugees.

Our Partners

SHARP-Pakistan has effective and strategic partnerships with many organizations.

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