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Welcome to SHARP-Pakistan.


Society for Human Rights and Prisoners' Aid (SHARP-Pakistan)

Striving for a Human Rights friendly Pakistan

Challenging Opportunity: “Programme/Proposal Development Officer”

Position based in Islamabad

Required Experience:

The opportunity entails the responsibility of work with national NGO in developing phroject proposals/ideas for national and international donors, Govt, corporate sector partnership and fund raising with other sources, and developing products and services to anchor resource mobilization and financial sustainability efforts. The Consultant will be mandated for the following!

  • Track and identify funding opportunities and trends from the web to develop and expand organization business
  • Develop and implement short- and medium-term approach, strategic and business Plan, for pro-active resource mobilization for organization in line with national and international donor priorities and Business sector. This will include Strategic resource mobilization engagements with Govt, donors, including bilateral / multilateral funding agencies, government and socially responsible private sector partners
  • Develop and transform organization multiyear experience into ideas/proposals for relevant donors particularly corporate donors.
  • Effectively follow up the strategic donor engagements with development and submission of funding proposals marketing and collaterals – briefs, presentations, concept notes, and any other documents as relevant.
  • Serve as intellectual lead on the development of new ideas and project concepts for widening and deepening its resource base
  • Lead on design and delivery of branding and promotional activities in line with agreed business plan.
  • Maintain a good business relationship for donor management.
  • Undertake any other activities and tasks as required by the management

Required qualification and Skills:

  • An advanced Degree in Anthropology, Economics, International Development with Gender Studies with demonstrated competence in development and realization of innovative ideas and approaches for Resource mobilization with public and private sectors.
  •  Proven track record in resource mobilization with 05 years development sector experience of fund raising and networking with potential donors and stakeholders.
  • Proven experience of developing Business Plan, ideas/proposals and products for social sector development programmes

Interested candidate may send their CV at latest by 28th Feb, 2021