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Theme of the year 2021! Importance of Girls Education.

The international women’s day is memorialized around the world on 8th March. This day is celebrated to honor women from every walk of life and to show gratitude to them for their tireless efforts and meaningful contributions. This day is also observed to recognize gender parity and bring womenfolk to the frontline.

Like every other year, Society for Human rights and Prisoners’ Aid, SHARP, commemorated the International women’s day by appreciating and acknowledging the efforts of women from around the world for performing tremendously and heroically in their respective fields. We believe that womenfolk are the real architects of society and to witness real development we must invest in their respective rights by giving them equal opportunities. This year our theme focused on highlighting the “Importance of Girls’ Education’.

SHARP, being committed to work for the Refugees in Pakistan, celebrated the day with Afghan refugee in various setups.

SHARP office at Islamabad invited inspiring young Afghan refugees’ women and girls, largely students and sound professionals to celebrate womanhood and their accomplishments.  The event aimed at encouraging the Afghan student refugees and to inspire them to continue their education until they become useful citizens to the society besides becoming helpful to themselves and their families. It was to hearten and motivate them to inspire others and leave a positive impact on their own communities as well as contribute more towards host communities.

Dr. Saleema Rehman, the chief guest at the event, shared her story of becoming the first ever Afghan Refugee gynecologist. She highlighted her struggle through education and her resilience to achieve her dream. She concluded by advising the student refugees to dream bigger and work harder. A documentary compilation of successful Afghan women was played to further the Afghan students’ interest in education.

Mr. Mudassar Javed, Director at SHARP, accentuated the importance of girls’ education not only in afghan community but in host communities too. He stated that an educated woman knows how to make informed decisions and is aware of her individuality and rights and that with her education she cannot be suppressed. He further added that education empowers women both socially and economically which can further strengthen their role in decision making at every level.

Ms. Sama Tariq, lawyer at SHARP, conducted the event and highly appreciated the refugee participants who also shared their thought provoking and knowledgeable speeches on the importance of girls’ education.

SHARP Lahore office arranged an interactive session with the Afghan students, Afghan national women and their community elders, to discuss on the topic of girls’ education. The event was organized at Sialkot. Their arrangement was focused on gathering their views and later imparting the knowledge on the importance of girls’ education.

Ms. Imrana Hasham, Lawyer at SHARP, motivated the students and emphasized on the merits of education. She encouraged them to break the wheel of stereotypes and try and emerge as examples for their community. She engraved the concrete role of a women in the making of a society by elaborating contemporary issues and identifying the role of a women therein.

The participants invited were vocal and shared their ideas and viewpoints about the International women day by stating that everyone has the right to education and that it is one of the basic right of every woman to have an opportunity to participate in every civil, social, political matter. Ms. Haleema, an Afghan Refugee added that elementary education shall be made compulsory for every girl irrespective of her ethnicity. Ms. Farishta discussed that an educated girl has a greater chance of living a healthy life and ensuring that her children and families live a better life.

SHARP office at Mianwali, organized event at Refugee Village Kot-Chandna Camp to observe the International Women’s day to raise awareness about women’s equality and inspire the Afghan refugees to continue their education and encourage others to do the same.

Ms. Anila Feroz Dar hosted the event where the educated women participants shared their success stories and stressed on how, despite their cultural restraints, they financially support their families besides physically contributing to the household chores.

Ms. Aqeela Asifi, the chief guest, who is an Afghan woman educationist and Nelson award holder, shared her hard journey and struggles starting from her life in Afghanistan to migration and to working in Pakistan for the girls’ education. She enlightened the participants with her awe-inspiring anecdotes and stressed on the importance of education.

SHARP office at Karachi, celebrated the International Women’s Day by organizing an event to disseminate knowledge about the social, political, economic, and cultural challenges that women face and to circulate the significance of girls’ education.

Ms. Waheeda spoke about the historical background of the International Women’s Day. They also held a communal session where the audience shared their personal experiences, the student refugees spoke about their ambitions and shared their education plans. The refugees were evidently inspired and wanted to pursue some goal in their life to become helpful.

Ms. Namrah Khursheed, a senior merchandiser at Kaufland, spoke about her life experiences and the challenges she overcame.  She exchanged with the refugees her tricks and tips of what made her a strong woman. Likewise, many participants shared their stores to influence and motivate other participants.

SHARP Mardan Office, celebrated “International Women’s Day, 2021 at ICMC school in RV Baraki, Swabi. In the activity three different schools students participated. 30 participants (teachers and students) participated in the activity. Brief introduction of SHRAP was shared and also delivered the history of celebration of International Women’s Day.

Different competitions conducted among the students including painting, skipping, race, balloons blowing and musical chair game. Prizes distributed among winner students of the respective schools. All the participants participated very well

SHARP, has always been supporting and advocating for the rights of both refugees and host-communities. SHARP team vociferously appreciated and praised the women kind for their multifarious contributions to our society.