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Consultative Dialogue (Islamabad)

SHARP-Pakistanis planned to organize a consultative dialogue to brainstorm, to share views and seek support from the organizations and relevant stakeholders for providing support to the government on the issue to discuss the durable solution for the most protracted refugee situation in Pakistan in the light of refugee management policy adopted by federal government in February last year and the recent positive development after the humanitarian statement of  Prime Minister of  Pakistan considering the citizenship to Afghan Children and stateless persons living in Pakistan.

This dialogue aimed to provide an opportunity to listen the views of all stakeholders to formulate the guidelines for future strategy to resolve this issue. This event is a step to explore the doable steps towards the solution of protracted issue of Afghan refugees.

The Consultative Dialogue on “Citizenship Rights to Afghan Children and Stateless Persons” held at Ramada Hotel Islamabad on 3rd October, 2018 which was attended by parliamentarians, government officials, members of international community, media persons, academia and representatives of legal fraternity and civil society.

The dialogue was moderated by Senator Mr. Farhat Ullah Khan Babar and ex-Senator Mr. Afrasiab Khan Khattak.