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Society for Human Rights and Prisoners' Aid (SHARP-Pakistan)

Striving for a Human Rights friendly Pakistan

One-day Capacity building training for Jail authorities (Lahore)

SHARP-PAKISTAN organizes awareness raising trainings for Students, Judiciary officers, Lawyers, Jail authorities and Police Officials to aware them about the basic Human and refugee rights and their role towards society. Keeping in view on 18th December 2018 SHARP/ALAC-II team organized one-Day training workshop for Jail Authorities on “Human, Refugee and Prisoner’s Rights” to sensitize Jail Authorities on Human, Refugees and Prisoner’s Rights in Pakistan.

The participants included 51 Jail Authorities OfficialsIncluding Superintendents, Deputy Superintendents and ASI Jail from different regions of the state.

The workshop has been started with the registration of the Participants. All participants were given a form which included their details regarding their name, designation; address with their contacts numbers and most importantly their remarks about the workshop.

Mr. Khuda Yar started with the name of Mighty ALLAH and recited the Holy verses of Quran Kareem.

Mr. Hamid Latif (Field Manager ALAC II) performed his services as a stage secretary. He formally welcomed the honorable guests and the participants. Mr. Hamid also highlighted the main objective of arranging this training workshop.

Mr. Ali Butt welcomed the participants with the introduction of Society for Human Rights and Prisoners Aid (SHARP) an Islamabad based non-governmental organization (NGO) established since 1999 and thesaurus its existence to the concentrated efforts made by a group of lawyers and social workers having strong convictions in the human rights standards set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Mr. Mudassar Javed delivered a detailed presentation on Human Rights. And his second presentation was on refugee rights and UNHCR mandate in Pakistan.

Mr. Mudassar’s lecture was very informative yet concise and engaged Jail Authorities into understanding human rights from a wider perspective in terms of history to its present form as well as his informal links made towards the situation within Pakistan. Participants took a lot from this session as was seen by their reactions and level of interest.

Mr. Usman gave a presentation of Foreigners Act 1946. Mr. Usman described that The Foreigners Act, 1946 is a Pakistani law enacted to grant the certain powers to Pakistani government in matters of Foreigner in Pakistan. According to Foreigners Act 1946, every householder or other person shall report to the officer in charge of the nearest police station upon arrival or presence in his household or any other premises occupied by him or under his control of any foreigner, if he knows or has reasons to believe that he is a foreigner.

Address by Chief Guest Mr. Masood Khan (Ex DG NAPA Lahore):

Mr. Masood graced the closing session of the workshop as Chief Guest. He diligently observed the entire workshop, appreciated, and congratulated the SHARP for arranging such a wonderful awareness session for the Police officials. He shared his personal experience and briefed that such intellectual programs should be promoted for the progress of the entire society. He said that this is the responsibility of all stakeholders of the society to work together for the betterment and uplift of the vulnerable segments of the country. He said that no one is ready to stand up for his own rights or for rights of other people. Anyone who passes by a situation where someone else’s rights are being violated and that person is very well observing the entire scene, does not make an effort of raising voice or does not even make an effort of helping the other person. He further briefed that these workshops must be conducted not only to give awareness to the common person but also to inform officials about their basic rights.

Award Ceremony

SHARP presented certificates to participants who certified their attendance to the workshop hosted by SHARP and approved by UNHCR. These certificates not only indicate their participation but also the fact that they have acquired valuable knowledge and are up to date with human rights and the situation of refugees in Pakistan and on an International level.