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One-day Capacity building training for Public Prosecutors (Mianwali)

SHARP-PAKISTAN conducted a training workshop for 22 Public Prosecutors at Royal Inn hotel, Mianwali on 14th December, 2018; with the collaboration of UNHCR, for the purpose of enhancing their knowledge about Refugee rights through respective sessions on Human rights and refugee rights.

On the arrival of police participants their registration were made and the training material were distributed amongst them. Prior to the commencement of the Program, Mr. Javed Mudassar Director LAP Welcome all the Participants on behalf of SHARP team.

Khalid Saeed Advocate opened the Session with recitation of the verses of Holly Quran.

Mr. Mudassar Javed delivered detail presentation on the core function of SHARP-PAKISTAN by highlighting the background, territorial jurisdiction, Mission, operational strategies of the organization, implementation and partnerships.

Mr. Imran started his presentation with the objectives of the training i-e UNHCR Mandate, legal framework, 1951 Convention and 1967 protocol and Signifying the historical background of refugees, when more than four million Afghan refugees crossed into Pakistan in 1979 after the Soviet invasion, and then in 1992 during the civil war in Afghanistan. At the end he shared the notifications issued by GOP concerning the legal status of Afghans in host country. At the end Mr. Imran answered queries of participants.

Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Daud, District Public Prosecutor Mianwali thanked all participants. He concluded the training with saying that an effective Government Pleader service is one that serves as the first line of defense in the protection of human rights. He added that Public Prosecutors must develop professionalism in their approaches to pursue public cases in the court of law. He went on to say that if prosecutors will respect, uphold and defend human rights the fair administration will be served.

The Chief Guest Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Daud, DPP Mianwali distributed certificate amongst Participants.