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One-day Capacity building training for Police Officials (Hyderabad)

SHARP-PAKISTAN conducted a training workshop for Police Officials at Indus Hotel, Hyderabad on 4th September, 2018 in collaboration with UNHCR.

The Inspectors, Sub Inspectors,/SHOs and IOs from different Police Stations from Lower parts of Sindh (Hayderabad, Jamshoro, Matyari, Tando M Khan, Tando Allahyar etc) were present to attend this training. The total number of participants who were present in the training were 40.

At first, Mr. Sikander (FM. SHARP Karachi Ofice) opened the session by officially welcoming the audience followed by the recitation of few verses of the Holy Quran by Mr. Mukhtar Hussain (Lawyer SHARP).
Ms. Sanubar (RA SHARP) was the MOC who then invited Mr. Mudassar Javed, (Director SHARP) to talk about the purpose of the training session.
Mr. Mukhtar was then called upon to shed some light about the operations of SHARP Pakistan.

HUMAN RIGHTS AND RELEVANT LAWS, A session by Mr. Mudassar Javed:
He started his presentation with a general discussion about the concept of Human Rights, in which he stated that, “Human Rights are the rights that all people hold by the virtue of being human beings”. He further gave an overview about the history of the International Human rights and how the laws related to them evolved with the passage of time.

Followed by 1st session, Mr. Mudassar also covered information about the refugees and current situation in Pakistan and the mandate of UNHCR to protect the Refugees in Pakistan.

He discussed about the refugees and what is the mandate of UNHCR for them. He also talked about the rights of refugees and that even though Pakistan is not a signatory of the 1951 convention but UNHCR is still working for the betterment of the lives of refugees currently residing in Pakistan which is a huge number.
An, in depth discussion was also facilitated by him where the Police Officials raised a lot of situational questions which were resolved and answered by Mr. Mudassar towards the end of the session.

Mr. Sikandar, due to the lapse of time, briefly explained the Foreigner’s Act 1946 to the participants and the correct procedures of arrests and releases under the Act.
He further explained how the Foreigner’s Act was hold such importance with respect to its implications towards the refugees in Pakistan by slighting shedding light over a few important sections of the act.
The participants were all very much interested in the training and appreciated the quality of the sessions and the discussions that took place during the day.

COMMENTS BY THE CHIEF GUEST, Mr. Abdullah Lak, Assistant superintendent of Police, Hyderabad:

Mr. Abdullah Lak briefly addressed the participants and asked them about their learning from the training. He then thanked SHARP Organization for inviting him to the training as the Chief Guest and for organizing the training for the Police Officials. He further stated that such trainings are a dire need for the police officials for their capacity building with the passage of time.

The program ended with the distribution of certificates among the participants by Mr Mudassar and Mr. Abdullah. Mr. Mudassar also presented a shield and certificate to the honorable chief guest for his presence in the training on behalf of SHARP office, which was followed by Hi-Tea.