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Police Training at Ferozabad District East Karachi

SHARP Karachi team organized Police Training on 6th April 2021, at SP Office, Ferozabad District East Karachi.

The Objectives:

  • Building the capacity of the police officials in respect of International Refugee laws and domestic framework in Pakistan.
  • Increasing the Awareness and Knowledge of the participants about the provisions of Human Rights and its applications in criminal proceedings.
  • To sensitize the LEA on the suffering and vulnerability of the refugees.
  • Enhance and update the participants about the Government policy and mandate of UNHCR in providing protection to refugees in Pakistan.

The Expected Outcome:

  • The police officials will become aware to the status of Afghans and Non-Afghan refugees in Pakistan.
  • The session will help to minimize the cases of arrests and detentions of PoR cardholders in Karachi and also to reduce the police harassment cases towards the refugees.

The Participants:

The police officers of the rank of Inspectors, Sub Inspectors, and Asst. Sub. Inspectors and of the rank of Constables from different police stations of Karachi especially from the District East, who attended the training.

Total 24 Police officers attending the session.

The Following Sessions were conducted at the Training:

  1. “Opening/Introductory Session”
    (Conducted by SHARP Team Ms. Ume-Farda and Ms. Quratulain)
  1. “Human Rights’ Protection in Pakistan”
    (Conducted by Mr. Akel Azam, Assistant Professor at Behria University Karachi)  
  1. “Protection of Refugees and the Mandate of UNHCR in Pakistan”
    Along with the reference to The Provisions of Foreigners Act. 1946
    (Conducted by Mr. Sikandar Mehmood, Field Manager/Lawyer SHARP Karachi)
  1. “Closing Session”
    (Conducted by SHARP Team)

The Proceedings of the Training:
Opening Session:

The training started with a recitation of the Holy Quran by a SHARP colleague Mr. Niazur Rehman and then a Welcome note followed by an introductory session and the Introduction of SHARP as an organization presented by Ms. Ume-Farda (Registration Assistant at SHARP Karachi).

Thereafter the Objectives of the training session and the agenda of the training were briefed to the participants by Ms. Quratulain (Lawyer at SHARP Karachi) and then the formal sessions of the training were carried on.

The Protection of Human Rights in Pakistan
(Mr. Akeel Azam, Assistant Professor at Bahria University Karachi)

Mr. Akeel discussed about a general concept of human rights and the current situation all over the world and in Pakistan as well. He emphasized upon the basic fundamental rights which included the Right of Life, Liberty and Free Movement. He further discussed the definition of Human Rights according to the internationally recognized principles and under the domestic Legal Framework in Pakistan.

Furthermore, he also shed some light upon the role and responsibility of Pakistan as a country under international obligations. He briefed the fundamental rights guaranteed in the constitution of Pakistan, 1973 in which he explained the relevant articles provided in the Constitution of Pakistan and also explained the major laws/Acts and framework available in respect of protecting the human rights of children and women in Pakistan.

Status of Refugees under the Mandate of UNHCR in Pakistan With the Reference of Foreigners Act. 1946
(Mr. Sikandar Mehmood Advocate, Field Manager SHARP Karachi)

Mr. Sikandar in his presentation mentioned about the functions and mandate of UNHCR as Refugee Agency and with special reference to its activities in Pakistan. He explained the term Refugee as provided under Refugee convention 1951 and the procedure for the asylum application under the criteria of international protection. Mr. Sikandar also briefed the participants about the status of Afghans and PoR cards in Pakistan. He described the role of government in providing protection to its citizens and then the role of International Organizations or UNHCR to protect the people who cross the international boarder in search of protection.

He also briefed the participants about the provisions of tripartite agreement between the Government of Pakistan, Afghanistan and the UNHCR with regard to provide protection to Afghans in Pakistan and the application of the provisions of the Foreigners Act to the refugees living in Pakistan.

Comments by the Guest:
(Mr. Farooq Ahmed Bijarani SP, Jamshed Town East, Karachi)

Mr. Farooq Bijarani appreciated the SHARP and UNHCR efforts for holding this training session for the police. He also appreciated the interest of the participants and urged them to implement the spirit of human rights laws and to keep the moral high to protect the citizens at their best.

He also admired the great efforts put in by SHARP for the cause of Human Rights in Pakistan. He requested for continuation of such activities in future as well and offered his full support to the SHARP team for such events.

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