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Tender Document:: Procurement of Transport Rental Services

Tender Document PROCUREMENT OF Transport Rental Services

 CLOSING DATE AND TIME: 02nd April 2018: 11:00 HRS PST


 The Office of the Society for Human Rights and Prisoners Aid (SHARP) Islamabad, invites registered and qualified suppliers/distributors and dealers to submit a firm offer for procurement of Rental of Transport services.

 The estimated requirement of SHARP is as follow:


Sr. No Description of services Duty-station Estimated No. of Vehicles
01. TOYOTA XLi/GLI- 1300 cc Islamabad 02
02. Toyota Hiace Islamabad 01
03. Toyota Hiace High-Roof 3.0 Islamabad 01
04. TOYOTA XLi/GLI- 1300 cc Karachi 01
05. TOYOTA XLI/GLI- 1300 cc Peshawar 06
06. TOYOTA XLI/GLI- 1300 cc Mardan 04
07. Toyota Double Cab Batkhela 01
08. Toyota Double Cab Chitral 01
09. IOYOTA XLI/GLI- 1300 cc Haripur 02
10. IOYOTA XLI/GLI- 1300 cc Kohat 01
11. TOYOTA Double Cab Kohat 01


Actual quantities may vary and will depend on the actual operational requirements and funding availability.


The following annexes form integral part of this request for quotation:

Annex A:  Technical Specifications

Annex B:   Price proposal Form

Annex C:   Vendor Information Form





Bidders are requested to confirm the receipt of this TENDER and send the expression of their intention to participate to either the fax number or to the addresses (physical or e-mail) provided in the “SUBMISSION OF QUOTATION” section of this tender document.

    1. Bidders are required to submit all their enquiries in respect of this request for quotation by e-mail to the responsible buyer on jahanzeb@sharp-pakistan.org. or Kashif@sharp-pakistan.org SHARP may, at its discretion, copy any reply to a particular question to all other invited Bidders.
    2. IMPORTANT: Inclusion of copies of your offer with any correspondence sent directly to the attention of the responsible buyer will result in disqualification of the offer. Please send your offer directly to the address provided in the “SUBMISSION OF QUOTATIONS” section of this ITB.



Please submit your offer using the submission templates provided. It should conform to the following requirements and contain all information required. The offers not conforming to the requested format will not be taken into consideration for evaluation. The following documents will be submitted in Technical Bid:-


  • Registration of Business: (NTN, STRN, Form H, Incorporation Certificate, whichever is applicable)
  • Details of offered vehicles having make, model, etc (Without prices)
  • EARNEST MONEY: Your offer must be accompanied by an earnest money amounting to PKR 100,000 in the form of Demand Draft in favor of SHARP (Society for Human Rights and Prisoners’ Aid). Earnest Money must be sealed in the technical part of bid. Demand Drafts from unsuccessful bidders will be returned to the respective suppliers as soon as possible whereas the earnest money from the successful suppliers will be retained until completion of delivery/deployment of the vehicles.
  • Relevant Experience:- List of clients to whom vehicle rental services have been provided in the last 03 three years with the following details:-
  1. Name of Client
  2. Date and value of contract
  3. Number of Vehicles provided (Year and Make)


  • Financial soundness:- Audited Financial Statements for last 03 years should be submitted. Incase audit has not been done, bank statement for last one year should be submitted.
  • Evaluation of bids: Technical bids would be opened first and evaluated in accordance with the above requirements.

Financial bids of only technically qualified bidders would be opened and award will be made on lowest price basis.

  • CURRENCY: Your proposal must be prepared in a single currency, in PAK Rupees..

UNIT COSTS: The Bidder shall quote the unit price. The unit cost shall be provided for supply of vehicles in the mentions districts. Any quantity or other discounts shall be clearly indicated.

  • LANGUAGE: Quotations shall be prepared in English.
  • REVENUE STATUS: The Bidder shall state annual revenue in term of sales.
  • DELIVERY CAPACITY: The Bidder shall state the mobilization time, minimum delivery time on the mentioned stations.
  • INSPECTION: Rental vehicles are subject to inspection and will be advised at the time of handed over of vehicles. Selected supplier will inform SHARP when the vehicles will be ready for inspection.   The inspection will be arranged by SHARP. Please note that inspection charges resulting from the supplier’s default will be charged directly to the supplier.
  • PLACE OF INSPECTION: The SHARP office Islamabad will be the place of inspection.
  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN OF THE SUPPLIER AND AREA OF OPERATION: The Quotation shall state the country in which the supplier is registered, as well as the country and its area of operations. This information in needed for statistical purposes.
  • QUOTATION VALIDITY: The Quotation submitted must remain valid for acceptance for at least 30 days from the Invitation to Quotation closing date.




Quotation must be submitted in 2 (two) separately sealed envelops as follows:

  1. 1 (one) sealed envelope containing technical part of the offer (company profile etc.)
  2. 1 (one) sealed envelope containing commercial part of the offer (price proposal form)

The Quotations and samples must be sent via courier–overnight delivery to the following address:

Ms. Memoona Batool Khan

Project Director-KPK

society for human rights and prisoners’ aid (sharp)

House No. 253, Hadi Lane, Opp VIP Guest House, Old Barra Road, University Town, Peshawar.

Tel (091) 5712020, Fax: 091-5712019

Offers submitted must be sealed in an outer and two inner envelopes as detailed below:

  1. the outer envelope should be marked and addressed as above,
  2. the first inside envelope will contain the relevant registration documentation,
  3. the second inside envelope shall contain your financial offer and duly filled price proposal form.


IMPORTANT: Quotations that are otherwise addressed and/or copied or sent to other addresses or individuals will be marked invalid and not considered for evaluation.


All quotations and samples must be received latest by: 02nd April 2018: 11:00 HRS PST


LATE SUBMISSION OF QUOTATIONS: Quotations received after the deadline for submission of Quotations and Quotations transmitted in any other manner than those indicated above will not be considered.


The offers must bear your official letter head, clearly identifying your company. Descriptive literature (catalogues, etc.)

Quotation Opening: Sealed envelop containing commercial part of the offer will only be opened for evaluation if the supplier’s technical part of the offer has passed the test / has been accepted by SHARP as meeting the technical specifications.


SHARP reserves the right to accept the whole or part of your Quotation. The lowest tender need not to be accepted. Information provided by the Bidder will constitute the basis for eventual award of contract.

SHARP may, at its discretion, extend the deadline for the submission of proposals, by notifying all prospective suppliers in writing. The extension of the deadline may accompany a modification of the solicitation documents prepared by SHARP at its own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by a prospective supplier.


Any Purchase Order (PO) issued as a result of this ITB will be made in Pakistani Rupees. Payment will be made in accordance with the General Conditions for hiring of services contract and in the currency in which the Purchase Order (PO) is issued.

For further details please check the attached document.
Tender Document-TRANSPORT CONTRACT-2018

Yours sincerely,

Muhammad Tabraiz Khan

Admin/Finance Officer