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World Refugee Day 2021 – Islamabad

“ Together we heal, learn and Shine”

Find out how SHARP-Pakistan field offices celebrate World Refugee Day this year:


Project Director SHARP, Mr. Mudassar Javed focused on this year’s theme by honoring the refugees as our heroes and survivors due to the hardship they have faced under difficult circumstances.  Mr. Mudassar also pointed out that how the co-existence with the Afghan community has been so smooth and peaceful that it has set a record of its own.

Dr. Saleema Rehman, invited Speaker, started by introducing herself to the elders and briefly shared her success story. She moved on by imparting her knowledge on Covid-19 starting from where it actually began. From its historical background to its symptoms, she mentioned all the necessary precautions. She then explained about the vaccination, elaborated in details about its necessity, the procedure to administer the vaccine, the dosage and the types of the vaccine available in Pakistan.